Welcome to my Home Studio

Welcome to my Home Studio
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The End of the Adventure, at least for this semester:>)

The carved bowls and the Winchester Lion come out of the fire, not quite as expected, but OK. There was a mishap in the kiln that splashed red glaze on two of my carved bowls, so now I have a 3 piece set instead of a 5 piece set. The orange slip burned out at the cone 10 firing for Mr. Winchester, but I may try an overglaze on him to see if I can salvage his tawny coat. My other 4 piece bowl set were put in different kilns by someone, so they are color coordinated instead of matched:>) And so the joys of the shared school studio are also the despair! I got an A, which made me very happy. I got a note saying "College not a small business incubator", which made me very unhappy.
We shall see what the next year brings ♥♥♥

Saturday, November 7, 2009

And The Adventure Continues.

Well, the cups have been glazed and fired, the bowls are done, but not glaze fired yet, and today I finished my rendition of the famous Winchester Lion. This is for our mid-term project. I chose to write my paper and clay project on The Winchester Lion of the Shenandoah Valley. He was really fun to make, once I figured out how to make his mane. I punched holes in a credit card and used it in my clay extruder. Voli, fur!! I will post photos of Winchester, when he is done.

So far, I really love this class. So much so, I signed up for the ceramics II winter class. I am making and doing things I would have never even thought of doing before, and really enjoying it. I have met some very interesting people and the cone 10 clay and gas reduction kiln are all new experiences for me. Next project, "Self Portrait". That should be fun!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pat's Wonderful Adventure

I have started a new adventure in my pottery life.
I decided to take a class in ceramics at our local college. I am in a class with 15 other collage students, most of them the age of my grandchildren:>) But I LOVE it.
We are using cone 10 clay and firing in a gas reduction kiln. This is completely different for me, as I have been using cone six clay and firing in my electric kiln at home.

Our first project was to hand build something. We could choose what we wanted, but had to make it larger, but in proportion. I chose to duplicate my trustworthy, and worn everywhere, Birkenstock. It looks like it is for a giant:>)
The project we are working on now, is two sets of four bowl, carved.
One set to be open, and the other closed. I am so excited about doing this, as I have not done much carving before. I usually concentrate on shapes and glazing. This class is forcing me to stretch and grow.

Will post photos of my completed bowls when they are done

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back from the most amazing trip and ready to start Fresh and Inspired.

Last month my DH and I took a car trip for our vacation.
First to Epcot, then to Atlanta to the aquarium and zoo. A trip to Smoky Mountain park and then up to N Carolina, Seagrove near Asheboro to see all the pottery and the North Carolina Zoo and then to Colonial Williamsburg and Bush Gardens.
Everything was terrific, but today I want to talk about the "Remarkable Potters of Seagrove".
The Seagrove area is one of the largest communities of potters with the longest continual history of pottery making in the United States. The area is home to more than 100 potters Of which we saw about 20. The potters were so friendly and helpful that it was hard to stop talking and get away to visit the next.
While we were there, we also visited the Seagrove Potters Museum and the North Carolina Pottery Center. We took photos of the double-chambered wood kiln,
We spent two days and three nights at the Duck Smith House Bed and Breakfast in the heart of Seagrove, right in the middle of all the potteries. We stuffed ourselves with Stuffed French Toast, on one morning and Fresh Blueberry Pancakes on another. The Duck Smith House is a 1914 farmhouse which was remodeled in 2005 by two sisters who had a vision of keeping the farmhouse feel but with a little more elegance and warmth.
I would definitely recommend this trip for all that love pottery:>) I know I came home refreshed and ready to pot!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Wine and Cheese Sets Are Taking a Trip

I think my pottery is more traveled then I am.

My three sets of little plates and cups are going to the Green Goat Gallery in Spencer NC.

The gallery owner, Anne Waters asked if she could purchase my pottery for her wonderful gallery. I hope my little dessert sets find a new home with someone that will love them as much as I do:>)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Mugs are Becoming Famous:>)

I have such exciting news to report! Last month I was contacted by the curator of the gift shop at the Lighthouse Center for the Arts in Tequesta, FL. She asked me to consign some of my mugs for the museum gift shop.

So after much thought and weeks of work, the first shipment has been delivered.

The Lighthouse Center for the Arts is northern Palm Beach and southern Martin Counties' oldest and largest visual arts museum, and has been dedicated to educating and developing an appreciation of and interest in the arts for all ages for 44 years.

I am so honored to be included in this fine institution and will be participating in their next exhibition in June through August. It will be a "vintage surf " theme and my head is buzzing with ideas:>)

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Valentine Mugs, plus a Tribute to some of my Great Customers.

Above are the two mugs I made for Valentines day. I posted them on Etsy and they sold in a few hours. So now I am making a few more.

On another note, I sold another urn to put in the ashes from a customers dear passed kitty by the name of Goose.

When she got the urn she said "my husband and i just love it. it is going to be a very nice home for our kitty".
This Photo is from my number one customer and pottery fan. She sent me photos of her vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner using my pottery. It make me feel so good to know my art is being used and enjoyed. Here is a note she sent me after her last order:
Hello Pat!
I received your pottery and it is absolutely perfectly fantastic!
I love everything. I am sipping my morning tea from your mug just now.
The new fluted bowl is on my counter top with fruit in it along with two others which I switch so every one feels like they belong.
The smaller bowls are waiting for some hot cereal to warm them this morning...we all can't wait.
The plates are amazingly shaped and the color is wonderful, I feel they are all unique and perfect, love them.
Thank you for the wonderful little tumbler...soo cool.
I'm hoping some of my girl friends love your work as well and send you some orders.
I tend to like very nice things and am willing to go for authentic.
Keep Well Pat,
You are the greatest potter ever!
Thank you Jo, you are the greatest!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

I am starting this new year with a resolution to contact all my customers and keep in touch with them through this blog. I have had such a wonderful and rewarding year and most of it is due to the great people that buy and use my pottery. If it wasn't for you guys, I couldn't keep working on the art I love so much.

I spent the day planning the things I want to accomplish this year. The first holiday is coming up fast, Valentines Day. I am starting some mugs with a heart appliqué where a name or saying can be stamped. I am also making a heart shaped trinket dish, with an appropriate saying on it. I will post the pictures as soon as they are done, but Feb 14 is coming fast, so if you want a personalized piece of pottery from patspottery for your honey, better order now:>)