Welcome to my Home Studio

Welcome to my Home Studio
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

And The Adventure Continues.

Well, the cups have been glazed and fired, the bowls are done, but not glaze fired yet, and today I finished my rendition of the famous Winchester Lion. This is for our mid-term project. I chose to write my paper and clay project on The Winchester Lion of the Shenandoah Valley. He was really fun to make, once I figured out how to make his mane. I punched holes in a credit card and used it in my clay extruder. Voli, fur!! I will post photos of Winchester, when he is done.

So far, I really love this class. So much so, I signed up for the ceramics II winter class. I am making and doing things I would have never even thought of doing before, and really enjoying it. I have met some very interesting people and the cone 10 clay and gas reduction kiln are all new experiences for me. Next project, "Self Portrait". That should be fun!!


terraworks said...

I LOVE that red cup! so so pretty!

Dancing Dolphin Pottery Studio - Home of Crop Circle Clay - Ceramic Creations by Diana Brower in Ohio USA said...

Love your blog, Pat! Thanks for sharing it and I'll check back often. I love to see works in progress and those flower bowls are beautiful! The Birkies are great too!

Lydia said...

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