Welcome to my Home Studio

Welcome to my Home Studio
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial day

Spent the day catching up on my internet work:>(

My husband had to work, so just lazed around:>)

I am soooo excited, sold my teapot yesterday. Photo above. I am busy making some more. Have one finished and two more ready to be glazed. I have been invited to show my teapots in an International Teapot Show in Steamboat Springs, CO on December 1 – 30, 2008. I am going to send three of my teapots. It is such an honer to be asked.

Added two more bowls to the coyote glaze tests (the link is below)

I really like the way the one landscaped bowl turned out. Will put it up for sale next week on Etsy.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Coyote Glaze Tests

Well I finally found the time to post some of my Coyote Glaze pieces on flicker. Here is the link. http://flickr.com/photos/patspottery/sets/72157605127775552/
If you click the photo above, you can see more shots of the dish and goblet on my etsy store.

I like the copper, but I was hoping the glazes would run together more. Let me know what you think?

I just did some large bowls, and will post them when they are fired.
Till next time,

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Coyote Glazes Tests

A few weeks ago, I mentioned I ordered 24 test bottles of Coyote glazes. Well, a very nice man, by the name of Simon was doing a Google search to find users of Coyote glazes and found me. He was kind enough to send me his photos of his test tiles and said I could publish them on this blog. Below are his words about the photos above.
PS. I have not gotten my glazed pieces back from the kiln yet, but will publish them as soon as I do:>)

As Simon says:
Pat, Enjoy your website!
Like you, I ordered a sample pack of the new Coyote glazes. I just got the pack of 12 new Shino glazes and a pint each of Gunmetal green and Croc Blue. I tried layering each in various combinations on a white porcelain slip cast form (quick to turn out and I'm not emotionally attached to them if the glaze is a failure) and on cut slices of the buff clay I use for throwing.
The glazes and combinations are given below. One or two were quite interesting; the Croc blue seems to give that mocha crystaline flowers effect when overlaid on (only) the Leopard shino.
Front rows: Cone 6 white porcelain slip cast vases.
Back rows: Aardvark buff cone 6 clay test forms.
Bisque fired to cone 04
Single dip glazed (3 second immersion) down to foot in first Coyote cone 6 glaze. Rims/necks of vases then dipped in a Coyote second glaze.
Glaze firing: cone 6 oxidation in electric kiln.
Main body Second glaze Comments
1. Smokey shino Gun-metal green
2. Sunrise shino Gun-metal green
3. Sandstone Shino Croc Blue
4. Mocha Shino Croc Blue
5. Cedar Shino Gun-metal green
6. Goldenrod Shino Gun-metal green Croc blue would probably been better
7. Pistachio Shino Gun-metal green
8. Steel-grey Shino Croc Blue
9. Plum Shino Gun-metal green
10. Leopard Shino Croc Blue Interesting mocha effect… croc blue acidic?
11. Peachy Shino Gun-metal green
12. Butterscotch Shino Croc Blue
13. Gun-metal green Croc Blue The green glaze crazed;bad fit to clay body
14. Croc Blue Gun-metal green
15 Goldenrod Shino Cedar Shino
16 Leopard Shino Cedar Shino