Welcome to my Home Studio

Welcome to my Home Studio
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back from Alaska

Well , we are back from our vacation to Alaska and I am ready to make pots:>)
Alaska was awesome, too awesome to describe. I have put up a few photos, but we toke 500 and ended up keeping 300. We are now busy scrapbooking our adventure and the scrapbooking is taking up a lot of room in my pottery/craft room. I had to clear off all my pots from the table and my husband says there still is not enough room!!

Have been working on a set of butterfly dishes and bowls that an etsy customer ordered. Will post photos when done. Also sold a teapot, some platters and quite a few personalized mugs. The best part of a sale, is when the customer emails me about how much they love my pottery. It feels sooo good:>)


Karma said...

Hi! I went to Alaska for vacation last year. I hate the cold weather, but I ended up loving it! Where in Alaska did you go? I went to Anchorage, my sister lives up there. I took that many pictures, too! My dad made us delete some, though. :(

Todd said...

Your pics are great! I would love to visit Alaska some day. Thanks for sharing them!
Todd in Santa Fe